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Division of Motor Vehicle hearings

After being arrested for DUI, the police officer will usually take away your license. To preserve your right to drive in Utah, you must request a hearing within ten (10) days of your arrest for DUI. At which time, you may qualifiy fora temporary license until your hearing. A hearing before the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles will then be scheduled within thirty days.

you must request a hearing withing 10 days of your dUI arrest

Being arrested for DUI in Utah is serious business, even if it's a first offense. At David Pedrazas, PLLC, we're ready to protect your driving record and your driver's license.

Division of motor vehicle hearing

The  hearing before the Division of Motor Vehicles is a hearing, not a criminal proceeding.

The purpose of the  hearing review hearing is to decide if your license shall be suspended based upon the law.

A Division of Motor Vehicle hearing is especially important for your later criminal DUI defense because it gives your lawyer a chance to hear the evidence the police have against you and to challenge it. Sometimes the criminal charges will be dropped based on what happens at the hearing.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Always request a hearing and always bring a lawyer with you to that hearing.

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