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Do I have a defense to my dUI charge?

Utah DUI Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

When it comes to drinking and driving, the consequences can be disastrous. All too often they think they are guilty because they were charged. When it comes to drunk driving in Utah, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

It is not against the law to have a drink and drive. Just because you had a drink does not mean you were drunk.

It's only a crime to drink and drive if your blood-alcohol level (BAC) is above .08 on a properly administered, properly calibrated breathalyzer machine, blood test or urine test, or if your normal faculties are impaired. Impairment can also occur from prescriptions drugs.

The penalties are simply too high, even for a first offense, and the penalties accumulate and get worse with every additional conviction.

At the law office of David Pedrazas, PLLC know that good people can run into big problems when it comes to drunk driving. We are here to help. We provide aggressive, dedicated and skillful defense to clients arrested in north Utah .

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We've helped drivers protect their licenses. We are ready to protect your driver's license and your driving record. We are willing to represent any driver, including drivers with commercial driver's licenses in Utah.

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